DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a Deferred Action. Remember that, first of all. This is a program to allow illegal alien children to stay here for an education. This does not promise life citizenship. It also means that their return to Mexico is only held off for a specified period.

Next, this program could work for the benefit of both Mexico and the United States. By letting all illegals to stay here in the United States, we are also hurting Mexico, especially by not sending DACA kids home. These kids are now educated beyond what they would receive in their own country, and this program shouldn’t carry over to college or Social Services on any level. By sending educated children back to Mexico, we are increasing the overall intelligence level of Mexico, as a nation. We could also setup education programs in Mexico if they really wanted that. Mexico is sending the message that they want us to take anybody that doesn’t do anything for their country, while they don’t do anything for themselves. Mexican politicians and all other businesses could be increasing their ability to work with the U.S. as well as other countries on a global level, as their educated population increases. Why are we holding them back by not sending their educated children back to Mexico, and why are we holding ourselves back by continually supporting these kids by either keeping them on welfare, or by letting them run from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service for the rest of their lives.
I am a strong advocate for stopping illegals at the border, but I am also an advocate of making Mexico more than a country that traffics drugs and prostitution. We can’t improve our own country by neglecting our neighbors. All we do for Mexico is to support poor choices and for them to remain a third world country as we force ourselves further into the second world country status (at the current rate of destruction, we will become a third world country, just like Mexico). Why did we fall out of First World country status? Our consumers are destroying our country as fast as our Government by supporting other countries first (through foreign purchases, and bad deals), and our own country last. All we are doing with our taking in illegal aliens is stopping Mexico from becoming a rich culture and an ally. We need to stop Giving our jobs to places like Mexico and China, and create cooperative efforts to make friends through fair trade.

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Our Government…

If they reduce taxes in one area, they increase taxes somewhere else. They support big business and corporate America while reducing things to support individuals. Wasn’t there something about ‘We The People…’? I don’t remember our founding fathers (who were the rich people of the time), saying anything about ‘We the corporations’. The Guard helping the border patrol was a program that appeared to be working, so on the day that the program was to end, it did. Try to do the same thing with stuff that doesn’t work, and you will see those programs hanging on without effort, 100 years from now. Isn’t it convenient that politicians can make laws that don’t apply to them, and the Supreme Court says nothing of the UnConstitutionality of it.

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U.S. Olympic Committee is stealing from Donors

Since the US Olympic Committee pays nothing for, or to the U.S. Olympic Athletes except if they receive a medal, what do they do???  Apparently nothing.  What are you donating money for?  For a single gold medal in 2008, the payout was .00003% of the total income of the Committee, or $25,000 (.00027% of $200,000 for 4 each medals).  Who makes the $745,000,000?  Four gold medals back in 2008 were worth $100,000.  What a fraud against those donating money!!!  $200,000 would pay for approximately 4 of each medal, and the USOC could pay 745 chair warriors $1 million dollars each and pay for the medals out of a portion of the interest.  I would be OK making a million dollars for doing nearly nothing, and the people who do the real work, probably make less than $100K.  This should be a story on the show Fleecing America.  These funds should be taxable at the highest level without possibility of a refund, or better yet, ALL of the funds, since this Committee was formed, should be returned to the taxpayers/donors or be used to pay off the bills of, or pay back the athletes for their time and effort.

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Recreational Marijuana in North Dakota???

Not only is North Dakota the drunkest state in the nation, now they want us to be the most wasted state (per capita) in the nation too.  If we don’t properly enforce laws against kids smoking cigarettes, or the sale of cigarettes to kids under 18, what makes you think that our government will enforce laws against selling pot to kids?  Also, will the cigarette laws be enforced for smoking pot in public?  Probably not.  The smell makes me want to vomit, and nobody has even mentioned a second-hand high.  How many smokers stink of cigarettes from 10 feet away, downwind on a typical North Dakota day (20 mph wind is a slight breeze).  You can’t tell me that second-hand weed isn’t a thing.  I never liked a ‘Buzz’ from alcohol, I sure don’t need it from some loadie that’s standing next to me.  It doesn’t matter how many pot heads we have running around now, it still isn’t right.  Let’s start a pot tent city here in Fargo during our sub zero degree Fahrenheit, four to nine month winter, with an even colder wind chill.  They will either stop, or die.  I’m not concerned with the dying part because these people are self-centered gimme-gimme people anyway, and won’t do for anyone but themselves.  Why are we allowing some dope user from outside of our state, to come here to cause criminal activity for his/her own benefit?  Also, what is their benefit?  Has anyone looked into this?  They must have a reason for arguing for the average person to get high.  They probably have never been to North Dakota before, which makes their motives even more highly questionable.  Maybe they were sent to cause dissent among the ranks.  Maybe they belong in jail wherever they came from.  Maybe they belong in jail here.

I’m not opposed to Medical Marijuana in the oil form, for people who have real issues that need help that isn’t currently available, is tied up in the FDA, or just plain doesn’t exist, but I’m not going to allow the morons of our society to light up every time they have a hang nail or a pimple for the sake of a good buzz.  It must be studied and regulated, with an actual fear of going to jail, fines, and permanent loss of their licenses if the Doctor or Pharmacist starts handing out ganja like candy, without a legitimate complaint or issue.  If Medical personnel want to try the things that are available first, it’s not up to the patient to decide, but under extreme circumstances, it can be prescribed and there should be some evidence to show that other things haven’t worked for whatever affliction you may have.

As our states pretend to be passing legalized recreational pot, (and it’s still illegal nationally) all it takes is one good president to have a Big Ol’ Round-Up to get the losers off of the street.  Besides, until recreational pot is legalized nationally, The Governor of any state that pretends this is legal, is nothing more than a Drug Lord and belongs in jail, the same as the Drug Lords who we let across the southern border every day.    I don’t care what the California Wastoids, Rocky Mountain High advocates, or the Oregon Hippies want, they are all drug addicts (the users, not the entire state).

Another thing with regards to pretending, our illustrious nation is pretending that we want people to be smarter.  That’s why they invented Common Core education, and that’s why they look the other way when it comes to recreational marijuana.  They are extremely busy with Dumbing Down the United States.  That way, the people won’t notice that Washington D.C. is robbing us blind while moving all of our businesses to Communist Countries (and borrowing money from those countries).  The money our government is borrowing is YOUR money, because YOU are buying products from those countries, and in some cases, YOU are paying for those countries military and nuclear weapons programs (since they can spend our money on their military projects instead of their own—Gee Thanks).

There is the argument that pot will be good for our economy.  The greediest farmers will change from food production to growing pot, in the name of the almighty dollar, under the guise of boosting the state’s economy.  Who will benefit from this?  The farmers and the distributors (drug dealers).  Let’s help some of the farmers become more rich, while the rest of us suffer because the cost of food will increase because of less supply and more demand, and of course, the pot heads don’t make money, they may even steal it.  If too many farmers become pot growers, who will grow the food for the munchies that pot will give the loadies?  By the way, Great for the Economy?  Taxes go up, not down.  How does any of this help you and me?

What about the jobs that require drug and alcohol testing already?  The military, police, firefighters, airline workers and anyone who works in aircraft related fields, ships captains, railroad personnel, and many people who work in dangerous environments and many who deal with the public have random drug tests.  They can’t light up on Friday night and expect to pass the drug test Monday morning, at least alcohol moves through your system much faster than pot.  Those jobs don’t get the option to smoke marijuana, but will definitely pay extra money in their insurance and taxes for drug rehab programs.

California (and they deserve everything that I’m giving them in this post) claims that everything will give you cancer.  Do they take smog into account?  California has a saying ‘how can you trust air that you can’t see’.  Doesn’t this say something about that state?  Also, have they studied pot (from a clinical standpoint, not a sucking it through a hookah, bong, or pot pipe standpoint?  If they had, that too would give you cancer, but that’s OK because you will be too stoned to care.

For the past 37 years, I’ve worked in jobs where I’ve had drug and alcohol testing, and I haven’t missed it a bit.  Like I said, the smell makes me want to vomit (I know this from a roommate that refused to go outside—we weren’t roommates very long).  And you can’t miss what you’ve never had. Don’t open Pandora’s Box without doing some major studies because, as non-high people know, once you open Pandora’s Box, you can’t just close it again.

One last thought, Even if marijuana was legal recreationally, you better not smoke it in the presence of children or go home to your children with pot smoke on your clothes, or you should be arrested for the delinquency of minors.  If they can in fact get a second hand high, you are at fault for providing adult level drugs to minors.  I vote for no-one under 21 without a Doctor’s Prescription, and then only if it becomes nationally legal.   First step is sending the military to Congress and hauling everyone of them plus the President, and all of their staff members to the nearest military base for their drug testing, and off to jail for those found guilty, with emergency elections in their states for their permanent replacements.  And ALL benefits will become null and void upon the determination of their guilt.  Military Members can be immediately released without trial, and so should our political leaders.

What’s your argument for legalizing Recreational Marijuana?



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Winter in Fargo

Where else can you scrape the inside of your windshield that freezes up, because you are emitting enough body heat, to fog the windshield vs. the extreme cold outside.  With Wind-chill, the difference in daytime high temps, between summer and winter, can be over 150 degree’s Fahrenheit (as it also gets Hot and Humid in the summer).  This usually includes at least, a few weeks of 30 degree below zero Wind-chills each year, and lot more days than that with the normal temps well below zero.  Try throwing a cup of boiling water into the air during our cold spells, the water will freeze before it hits the ground.  Three things make Fargo this cold; Arctic Air, High Winds (20 mph wind is called a breeze), and the snow that holds the cold, and insulates the ground.  It get’s so cold, windy and dry in the winter, that the wetter snow and powder will turn into a heavy, Styrofoam like crusty substance.  Our garage floor was wet with large puddles until the temp dropped, and the puddles dried up from the lack of moisture in the air.  They keep adjusting the wind-chill charts because they can’t seem to be able to properly describe what Hell Frozen Over really does feel like.  We live there.

Expect up to 9 months of winter each year because September through May are the months that have had snow at some point in our history (and the snow stays until spring thaw).   It’s been cold enough for me to consider wearing long underwear with my lined jeans (much warmer than regular pants of any kind)….They say that the cold keeps out the riff-raft, but that’s not true anymore. They moved here when it was nice outside, got stuck here, and have to commit crimes to pay for the heat that they can’t afford. They really don’t have to commit crimes, but they do, so the jails will keep them warm and feed them.

Have you heard of Sun Dogs?  They are rings that form around the sun because of ice crystals in the atmosphere, with an image of the sun on either side of the ring.  This means that it’s really cold!  You can also see beams of light shooting straight up into the atmosphere from our light pollution.  It looks like spotlights coming from Fargo.  In the summer, you can see Fargo from miles away because of the light dome over the city from the same light pollution.

No, the plug hanging down from our cars, is not for an electric car.  Sometimes you need to plug-in your car or maybe even plug it in while it’s in the garage (and the unheated garage is 20-30 degrees warmer than it is outside).  This cord is for an engine block heater, so the car will start in this deep freeze.   If you are having battery problems and you can’t get your car started because the battery is too cold,  turn your headlights on for a few minutes, to warm the battery before turning over the engine (probably doesn’t work with LED headlights).  5W-30 oil is used, especially in the winter, so it is thin enough to allow your car to start.  Four wheel drive vehicles (and all-wheel drive vehicles for that matter), won’t go through everything.  They won’t help you to stop either, but they will help you to get enough traction to make it through the intersection before the sliding cars on the side streets run into you.

North Dakota is now considered the drunkest state in the nation.  With these temps and very little to do, other than eat, what else are you going to spend your time doing?  The ‘City Fathers’ don’t want anything that won’t make them money (zoo, major art galleries, museums…), so we eat, we drink, and for up to 9 months of winter, we are some of the merriest people that you will ever see bundled up in our snow suits.  Who would guess that?

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Is Obama Black? You decide…I just provide the information

I’m starting to promote Herman Cain as a write in vote. Regardless of his past, he is the only one that can defeat Comrade Obama.

Bill Clinton got our country out of debt by sucking the money out of the military, and he was in the process of eliminating aerial defense over the continental United States. Why do you think that G.W. had to spend so much money on the military after 9/11? Bill Clinton got college age kids to vote for him by playing the saxophone on MTV. Boy, that makes him qualified for President. He smoked pot without inhaling. I’ve discovered that you can inhale without smoking pot, but you can’t do it the other way around. I had a roommate that was a huge pothead, and I never even held a joint in my hand or between my lips, but I inhaled just by walking into the apartment. That living arrangement ended quickly. And, Bill Clinton would play grab-ass with every woman that he ever met, and he got elected/re-elected.

So what about Herman Cain? No, without knowing more than the media splashed across the news, I can’t say that he is the most upstanding person that I’ve ever heard of, but he is black and has some ideas about how to save our country that he has actually told us about.

In Sociological studies, middle eastern people are Caucasian, regardless of their skin color. That means that he has been lying to the black people for more than 4 years. His skin tone is that of a middle eastern man, not a black man. It’s been said that Obama still has black in his blood. (see this link for more information on Obama’s race: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081022152209AAygKlW or look up ‘How much percent Black is Obama’ on Yahoo Answers). If each human has approximately 6 quarts of blood and each quart equals two pints, and this website is correct, that Obama is 1/16th black, then one individual KKK member who has had a transfusion with 1 pint of black blood, then the KKK member will have more black blood in his veins than Barrack Obama. Further, the website states that to be legally recognized as a minority in the United States, you must be at least 1/8 of the ethnicity in question. So, neither can Comrade Obama be considered ‘Black’, but he may very well be more white than many white supremecists. That beats 2 jokers running for our White House any day.

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True Brain Power

After watching the movie ‘Lucy’, which I thoroughly enjoyed even though I was a bit disappointed at the ending, I started thinking…yes that is rare.  I also watch ‘Big Bang Theory’.  Has there been a study which shows a difference in brain usage in people with greater and lesser intelligences?  It becomes obvious, even in the real world, that Sheldon Cooper lacks common sense and the social graces, even with an idetic memory and apparently knowing everything about everything. My belief is that most of us know a little about most things, where it appears that geniuses know a great deal about a small portion of knowledge, but may know very little about everything else (less than the average person).  On the other hand, people who we may call stupid, may know even less about anything but something about everything.

With these examples, are we all exhibiting the same mental capacity, and brain power?  It’s just distributed differently between individuals?  Do we all have the capacity to redistribute our brain power, and will we lose brain power from some areas as we increase brain power in other areas?

The general thought is that humans use 10% of our brain, though I’ve discovered many websites that state that this is a myth.  I’ve also discovered that the myth websites can’t tell you what percentage we use, but state that we all seem to use all portions of our brains.

A final thought, why do people in politics appear to only use that potion of their brains that make them greedy?  Does an excess of money have a direct correlation with the lack of common sense, or ability to understand all but the wealthiest of humans?  Is money and greed to them, like baby talk to the rest of us?

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