Corona virus Stimulus Payments

Pelosi and anyone who votes for her 3 trillion dollar stimulus package is committing felony fraud and should, not only be ashamed of themselves, but should go to jail for election fraud, since they know such a travesty of extreme pork would not only break the nations spine, but it is only a ploy to discredit the Republicans and Trump (since no politician can honestly vote for such a mess without knowing they are damaging the public trust). I don’t think either party has done anything for our nation for many years, and can’t seem to control wasteful spending.

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Santa Suit Wardrobe Fails

Why do Santa Suits come with 32″ long pants? That’s not the inseam, that’s the total length. I read reviews that give these suits maximum scores all of the time. Are the manufacture employees required to give good ratings on these suits with short pants? When I wear them and I sit down (because Santa has kids sit on his lap to tell him what they want for Christmas, and sometimes, he reads stories to the kids), these short pants ride up, revealing Santa’s jeans that he wears under the suit. For a six foot Santa, he needs an additional six inches added to the pants, even then he may need to pin the pants to the boot covers. If Santa is taller than six feet, he may need to have an additional twelve inches added to the pants.

With the elastic waist and the short length, Santa Pants look like they were made by an Oompa-Loompa, not an elf. With the Santa pants pulled up to a normal height on my waist, they barely go to my knees while I’m standing up.  Can you imagine how much they come up when I sit down?  I’m in a cold climate, and I can’t imagine the wardrobe malfunction that they cause in warmer climates, no matter what you wear under the short pants.  I’m not even sure that they would have been considered to be knickers 100 years ago.  Manufacturers, put some length on these things.

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Electronics in modern cars

My wifes Jeep Liberty has an issue with the headlights turning on without turning them on.  This happens any time of the day or night, and wears down her battery to the point that (even though there is enough power to run all of the electronics inside the vehicle cabin), there isn’t enough juice to start it.  One evening, I walked into the garage and her lights were on.  I went to the drivers side to turn them off, but they beat me to it and shut themselves off.  Then as I walked back around the Jeep, they turned back on.  In case it was ghosts, I asked them to not wear down the battery, and the lights went off again.

Other problems with electronics in vehicles include sensors shutting off the engine at 55 mph, in the middle lane, during rush hour.  This happened to me, and if I didn’t have the presence of mind to think about what I was doing, I easily could have been killed.  Most drivers don’t know how to think anymore.  I saw one guy stop dead in his lane on a three lane city street, with heavy traffic, because of a problem.  I also experienced a woman who’s vehicle was overheating, and she didn’t just stop in the middle of the lane, she stopped in the middle of a turn and blocked a turn lane and a through lane at the intersection of the two.  I turned on my flashers and got out to see what was wrong.  She just wanted to take time to put radiator fluid in her radiator because her engine light came on.  She said it happens all of the time.  I suggested getting her vehicle off of the road, or at least off to the side.  She wasn’t far from a parking lot, but thought that the problem was so immediate that she put her life and others lives in danger because she wasn’t thinking.

Another issue is Anti-lock brakes.  It’s only an electronic device that is built into your wheel bearings, so WHEN it goes out, it can fail in a dangerous condition.  Pull the fuse if they start mal-functioning at low speeds. It will turn on a general brake problem light when you pull the ABS fuse, but hopefully the car manufacturers didn’t fail you with electronic brakes.  It’s only $250 per wheel, and as soon as one is fixed, another will go out.  You don’t need anti-lock brakes except to get a break on car insurance.  It should cost more to have anti-lock brakes on your vehicle since they are more dangerous.  When they go out, you should be smart enough to know that you pump the brakes when your tires are sliding, and steer in the direction that you are sliding.  Anti-lock brakes were created for aircraft landing at 150 mph, not cars functioning at less than half of that.

Air bags seem to be more dangerous than, using seat belts and paying attention to your driving, since most vehicles with air bags have been recalled, for the air bags.  How many air bags failed in some way, which caused the recall?  How many air bag recalls where caused by some electronic device?

Automatic backing is another failure in cars.  Can you use automatic backing when you take a drivers test?  I would immediately fail you if I were the instructor.  When that system goes out, you will look like a fool freaking out because your car isn’t backing into the spot, and someone else took it while you were waiting for your stupid car to prove that you have equal intelligence.  While I’m on backing, are you going to rely on a backup camera to keep you from running into the cars coming from the sides at the speed limit, or higher, while you are watching for pedestrians?  Or are you going to let sensors tell you when you backed into something because you let a non-self driving car, drive for you?  Not only is backing a problem with sensors, but forward looking braking sensors Will fail you.  If it decides to brake from a false indication, and the moron behind you is tailgating (driving too close), they will hit you when you could have been safe, or it fails while you are trying to pass a truck and it doesn’t see the oncoming truck that is passing a vehicle before cutting back into visible range.  Both of these situations could be called ‘Darwin Awards’ because the driver of the car relied on the car being smarter than he/she is, and died in a way  that ended a bad gene pool.  Just don’t rely on your car so that you kill the rest of your family, or other drivers, while you kill yourself.

How many of the above ‘Safety Devices’ and other electronic devices are a bigger danger to our lives than driving with a blindfold on while smoking, eating, and puting on makeup while texting on a cell phone?  Can we afford to keep adding more electronics to our cars without endangering the lives of ourselves and other drivers? It’s becoming safer to fly in an aircraft with a missing engine and a flat tire than driving in cars.  At least aircraft have backups to every electronic system to try and avoid a bad sensor from causing a crash, because it wasn’t sure of the status of the system it was monitoring.

Remember, when it comes to electronics in your car, “It’s not, If it will go out, It’s WHEN it Will go out”.  And remember to ‘Think’ in an Emergency because your phone can’t do it for you!  Phone and car response is too slow to respond in time to save lives.

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Voting to legalize marijuana to help “people of color”???

To legalize marijuana to help “people of color” makes those who racially vote to legalize crime, racists.  It’s also like helping someone with a headache, by repeatedly hitting them in the head with a baseball bat or a metal pipe.  This philosophy only shows the lack of intelligence that our lawmakers are providing everyday.

Has anyone actually looked at the costs and all of the problems created by those states that are pretending that they’ve legalized marijuana?  As someone said on the news today, ‘the millions made from the sale of marijuana (in those states pretending it’s legal), are only helping those selling marijuana’.  There is no plus side.  Those who can’t make enough money selling legalized marijuana, will begin selling harder drugs, for a bigger income.  Then you will have to re-catch them and re-try them, then re-incarcerate them.  Instead of being behind on drug interdiction, you will be starting from scratch with stronger drugs, more addicts, bigger king pins, and more gangs and crime to follow.

In case you are wondering what the new title should be for a states Governor who pretends that pot is legal, it should be ‘Drug Lord’ because they are now allowing , and making part of their income from the sale of Federally Illegal Drugs, and can be thrown in jail for their crimes.

Racism is obviously not exclusive to white people when you make such ridiculous statements.  When a politician, judge, or lawyer use the race card to justify legalizing crime, they very rapidly become ‘The Racist’.  They should be required to step down from their position because they are not the solution to abolishing racism or drugs, but can be more closely related to a major part of the problem.

If you truly want to abolish racism, stop using it as a tool to blame white people for everything that you don’t agree with and leave it for the history books, where it belongs!

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Heaven vs. sports

Whether you are an athlete, or just a fan, do you do anything outside of playing or watching sports that will get you to Heaven?  Winning or losing in sports is not something that has any value in the afterlife.  An athlete, gambler, or a 24 hour a day sports fan has done nothing for others or the world, to deserve a spot in heaven on the basis of sports alone.  This also applies to musicians, actors, and the media.  There are many other life journeys that fall into this category, but most people do something for others in some way.  Whether anything that I do, gets me to Heaven or not, will always be a question that I will need to deal with.  What about you?

A rich athlete who donates a massive amount to charities, and then gets most of it back in taxes (or reduces his tax liability, as some would prefer to say) has not donated large amounts of money, but placed a larger tax burden on those who can’t afford to get a bunch of money back in taxes.  Rich people are against a flat tax because they would have to pay more in taxes.  Remember that “it is harder for a rich man to enter Heaven than a camel to pass through the eye of a needle”. –The Bible

While we are on this topic, political campaign donations should be 100% taxable!  Otherwise, all taxpayers are paying for your donations to political parties that they don’t want in office.

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Credit Report Companies

Any Credit report company the says that they can instantly increase your credit rating is committing fraud, either before, or after increasing your rating.  Either they knew that your rating was better before, and falsly kept your rating low  to make some kind of profit, either from you or another company who is searching for your credit rating, or they are falsly increasing your credit rating for the same reason.  Either way, they are committing fraud and making more profit than their company is worth.

I feel that the whole credit rating system is based on fraud in the first place because you get more points for being financially in debt, whether you have a large balance on your credit card, (credit card companies can be called legalized loan sharks if their percentage rates are so high that you can’t possibly pay them back) or you have loans with banks.  I understand that nobody wants to loan to you if you can’t prove that you can pay them back, but then why do they give college students, without jobs, credit cards that they can’t possibly pay off, and increase card limits based on the amount that you’re in debt.

It’s just another legalized scam created by rich people, to line their pockets.

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Proof of Evolution?

If evolutionists and their theories (unproven scientific guesses), have any scientific basis, why can they do such a ‘good’ job of guessing what happened billions of years ago, but they can’t tell you what happened 6, 4, or 2,000 years ago?  The evidence for thousands of years ago, are closer to the surface of the ground than billions of years ago evidence.  When they can tell me about a few thousand years ago, then they can make a better case for longer periods.  Skipping the recent and defending the extreme past tells me that they have missed a lot of science and history, in their quest, and no modern scientist knows anything without the trail of learning along the way.

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