Employment in the USA

What’s that you ask?

When our country started, life was tough for everyone.  They worked hard and built machines that advanced the skills while reducing the hard work.

Slavery was abolished but it took many years before equility was supported by our nation.  Affirmative Action came along to help with that situation.  It was a good thing once upon a time, but has lost it’s favor since it is now used to allow prejudice to determine who gets a job rather than who is the most qualified.  It’s time for Affirmative Action to be eliminated.  Many say that that will cause more racism, but there are laws to prevent racism that must be obeyed. 

Also, the women’s movement allowed women to work outside of the home.  Many career fields that are left, are primarily run by women with a majority of the workers being women. 

I don’t have a problem with women or minorities having jobs and working side-by-side with men.  This is no issue.

The problem has worked it’s way up something like this: Only white men were allowed to work outside of the home, then women, and minorities.  That was fine especially since technology has been advancing and more people were needed to do the many additional jobs that were being created.  Then the legal aliens would come over to help with jobs that were still lacking enough employees.  Then illegal aliens came in droves to take jobs that were not the greatest jobs, but if a citizen or a legal alien wanted them, they should have been hired first.  (Now the United States has a policy that if you haven’t worked in a farming job for a certain percentage of your life, then you can’t have the jobs that the illegals are taking.  What if you need a job anyway?  Nope, you can’t have it, that’s part of the illegal preference which apparently takes precedence over Veterans Preference).  

So now we have an over abundance of employees, and it’s a little hard to find the job that you can live with that will allow you to pay the bills.  It doesn’t matter that you love your job anymore, but you need to pay the bills.  Benefits are decreasing, wages are increasing at a rate lower than the inflation rate, and the bills start piling up.

Next, businesses begin to outsource as much as they possibly can.  Most of the business, manufacturing, assembly…ends up going to China and Mexico.  There went your job.  It may be ok as long as you have computer skills except, the businesses are now giving computer skilled jobs away to other countries also.  What we have left are unskilled service jobs that can’t be done outside of the United States.  Big businesses keep getting bigger because the labor is cheaper, and the people at the top are rich beyond their wildest dreams.  You may still be hanging on to a job with their company, but your wages are still losing the battle with inflation, your benefits are more expensive for less service, you’re trying to give your kids more than you had when you were their age, and the battle isn’t the only thing that you’re losing, the war is being lost for millions. 

Your next move, as Chris Farley from SNL might say, you will be moving into a “Van, down by the river”.  You’ve been forced out of your home, which Congress isn’t trying to save.  Your retirement has been eaten up by greedy banks that Congress helped them with.  Your job won’t pay enough to pay the rent on a cardboard box and you’ve been leasing vehicles from the dealerships that you can no longer pay.  So a box or a shelter is where you and your family gets to live until you can get a better job and start saving to make downpayments on a car and apartment.  You get food stamps and hopefully some welfare if you don’t get anymore unemployment because the U.S. is in debt up to it’s eyeballs with China.  It’s only a matter of time before China comes to collect their debt.

What’s our next step after our President has completely mortgaged our country to a Communist nation?  If we aren’t invaded by a foreign country (which Mexico has been doing for years), we may end up in a civil war on our own soil.  The Democrats (or are they true socialists now?) want to take our guns away so that we won’t have any defenses when the invasion/civil war starts.  The criminals will have weapons though.  Will we need to turn to the drug dealers and gang bangers to buy the guns needed to save our country from a worse element?  I think that we will know within six years from now.

7 Nov 2010 addition:  Now there are problems with teenagers wanting jobs but not getting them.  Some have nothing better to do, so they commit crime, but most just want that first job so that they can buy the things that their parents can’t afford to buy them, or that they want outside of Christmas or their Birthday.  Some even want to help out their families in this time of a never ending increase in quantity and size of the bills that their parents used to be able to afford, but can no longer pay because of the increase in inflation and decreases in jobs and wages.

Employers are now hiring from Temp Services agencies so that they don’t have to pay benefits, though they have to pay more for an employee because of paying for the service.  They also have less unemployment to deal with in case the employee needs to be laid off.

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  2. Nova Goldak says:

    It’s hard to search out knowledgeable individuals on this subject, however you sound like you already know what you’re talking about! Thanks


  3. Bev Anderson says:

    Wow how depressing! Good points, all have merit, but it sure makes the future of the United States look bleak.


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    • rossmeister says:

      Why do you say that this is Spam? This is about an employment problem in the USA, not Mexico. If you have a real response, I would be glad to hear it. I don’t need to agree, but I will read it and explain further if necessary.


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