China vs USA

It’s not the fault of the Chinese, as it isn’t the fault of the illegal aliens from Mexico that our government favors them over us. 

We have forgotten the axiom ‘feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime’.  I’ve always liked this phrase and wish that our government did too.  Our government would prefer the one that says ‘feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime, but if you give a man the fish that you caught and then buy them back from him and then give them back to him, he will eat for a lifetime with all of your money in his pocket, and you will live in a box’.  That is what’s wrong with our employment picture. 

We have patent laws that we are required to follow.  China has patent laws that our government says we are required to follow.  They are two different sets of laws, but China’s trump our own laws (sounds like a Sotomayor Supreme Court decision).  Part of the problem is that our government has over-borrowed money from China to keep our country moving.  This happened because our country apparently will tax the businesses that stay here, but gives tax breaks to businesses that have all of their services, manufacturing and assembly done in other countries, but not here.  Why are we buying items from supposed U.S. companies that don’t make anything in the U.S. anymore?  Did we buy the entire world?  Is that why taxes and tariffs are being reduced or eliminated for foreign countries?  Most of our stuff is made in China today, but not much is sold there because they have the patent laws that says that they can make and sell copies of our stuff without buying it from us.  This is the same stuff that we are buying at a reduced price and quality and our government isn’t doing a thing to stop it.

Further, there are more items that are imported from China everyday that have a high quantity of lead in them.  China has supposedly put people to death over this, and yet they keep sending these things to us (drinking glasses, flip-flops, re-useable grocery bags…).  When is our government going to tell the world that if they don’t stop using business practices that are outside of our laws, we will begin taking our jobs back and start buying our own stuff again because we won’t put up with fraud, theft, and ultimately murder (lead poisoning).  Besides, we need those jobs because we gave them all away and now we are out of work and only spoiled children are getting the good jobs that are left.  Also, If more than 49% of your workers, management, money, products and/or services are outside of the country, you are no longer a company that can claim United States of America status.  Therefore, you should be paying tariffs on all of your merchandise that is imported into our country.  I don’t care if the multi-billionaire owner has all of his money in this country, and that is the only part of his company that is here.  He will owe higher taxes on the money imported or wire transferred, or held in a bank outside of this country.  He isn’t paying enough for our taxes, employees, manufacturing or services.  If only 5% of a billionaires income is from the U.S., he isn’t a U.S. businessman and should be taxed as such.

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