The Beginning of the End for Social Security

The Beginning of the End for Social Security.  I shouldn’t say that.  It’s closer to the middle or the end.  They have been moving the age that I can collect for years, even though my dad says that where it is today is where it will stay.  I have 23 years to be able to collect the full amount or 20 years to collect 80%.  By then, I’m hoping that they haven’t destroyed our country (but one of my other blogs predicts the end of the United States as we know it within ten years at the current rate of destruction). 

I don’t really expect to see any of my military retirement at age 60 or my Social Security at age 70, and the latest ‘tax break’ is the perfect example of that more than serious problem.  Our illustrious politicians have decided that it’s ok to reduce our Social Security payments by 2% (of our wages, I’m guessing.  Not 2% of what we pay to Social Security already).  They said that if you make $40,000 a year, it will go down by about $800 per year.  That reduces your payment by $66 per month.  That won’t dig you out of a hole of any size.  You’ve already increased your credit card debt by at least three times that amount for Christmas if you’re just getting started with your shopping.  The Census Bureau has no numbers that I could find based on a recent Census so I will have to make my own numbers.  What are they hiding?  Are they trying to be transparent because I couldn’t see ANY population statistics on their website. 

If one million people, who are currently working, only saved $66 per month, those one million people will have reduced Social Security by $792,000,000 by the end of one year.  Is this all of the people that our government is planning on having employed by the end of 2011, or will Social Security be in the hole by Billions more dollars, and Congress has no plan of repayment for the money to Social Security?  The story on Minnesota Public Radio said that the U.S. is going to have to borrow the money to repay what those idiots in Washington have decided to remove from the Social Security program. 

How many people living under the poverty level in our own country will be sent out on the street over the course of the next few years because of Congress?  How many middle class residents of the United States will be retiring to a box under the bridge because our own government bailed out greedy banks, and not ‘We The People’?  How soon do you think it will be before the next Civil War will start in our country because Washington D.C. does not think outside of the wallet (their own personal wallet, not the countries).  The rest of us had better start getting it together and stop buying Chinese goods and goods from other countries, or we will drive ourselves out of our own country.  Where will we go?  The few countries that allow immigrants will not be able to handle the influx of U.S. Citizens and our own immigrants (legal and illegal), especially since we are the biggest importer of immigrants on the planet. 

We are paying more in taxes to those contractors that our government is selling the government to than paying for the government employees to do the job, and the job is half-ass.  Our military is being outsourced to the same contractors that are doing a half-ass job for the rest of government also.   When will the madness end?

Do the politicians have a private island somewhere that they have set aside to migrate to?  They all need to be stopped or we will lose everything: Homes, Cars, The Rest of the Jobs, Our Country, and for the kids…No More Internet, No Big Flat Screen T.V.’s, No iPods, Cell Phones, or other Gee Whiz Gadgets.  Get off of your lazy butts and help stop Congress (Democrats and Republicans)  because they have lost the right to represent the Citizens of the United States of America!!!!

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