Job Hunting

Don’t assume that the media tells the whole story on the job status of an area. They say that North Dakota is fat on jobs, but they mean the western part of the state with the oil industry, and then the housing in the western part of the state is a huge problem. The eastern part isn’t what you think either. If you plan on applying for social services, Minnesota is more lenient than North Dakota, which is one reason why ND has a surplus in our budget, unlike Minnesota and California. If you plan on a job in Eastern ND, get the job first before moving here. Interviews are no guarantee of anything, and it is cheaper to fly in for an interview than to pay for a move and take two years or more to get what you want. And in some cases, two years or more to get any job at all. I’m using North Dakota as a reference, but it applies to everywhere that you may be from as well as where you are going. Don’t just move without doing your research, or you are more likely to be disappointed than happy. You may also end up homeless if you don’t.

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Husband, Father, Have Cats, Philosopher on World Issues, Future Author, Aviation Technician, Hate Snow and winters longer than three months. If you want to argue a point with me, pretend that I'm a judge in a courtroom, and you need to tell me the facts as you know and see them so you can argue in the attempt to win your case. There are no guarantees that you will win, but your chances are better if you use this method. You suck is not a valid comment!
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