Really? That’s the smartest that we can get?

U.S. History: Fiction or Fact
There once was a U.S. President that was elected because he was ‘black’, he wasn’t ‘Bush’ (the name of the previous President, and there were no candidates named Bush on the ballot), and because of ‘change’ that he promised. He never really said what he was going to change, but the first two years of his presidency, he may have changed underwear, but I’m not sure of any other changes at all. He had both the Senate and House of Representatives with a majority of votes in his favor, but he didn’t utilize this time to fix the many things that went wrong in our country, and throughout the world. Instead, he focused on a healthcare plan that may be the end to Unions, and his political party supposedly, strongly promotes Unions. It will also costs those that actually work, a huge amount every year, but will not cost the rich, who don’t have real jobs, any more than they spend on healthcare. Not a well thought out plan.
Did I mention that the new President won the Nobel Peace Prize less than two months after he was seated as President? The only reason that he won the Nobel Peace Prize is for things that he hadn’t done yet, and three years later, he still hasn’t done. Is he waiting for his second term before he has to prove that he is worthy of what used to be a high honor? I will no longer look at the Nobel Peace Prize on any higher level than my military ribbons that I used to think, meant something. But they no longer mean anything to me because, I received them for the work that I was doing, and the same ones ended up being handed out to glorified secretaries for helping inspectors with inspection paperwork and setting up supplies in their offices. Other people who went over and above their regular duties to make the mission work, were given coins from the inspectors for a job well done. Neither one (coins or ribbons) will buy you a cup of coffee for less than full price, but the ribbons used to, at least, instill some pride, and in some military circles, might help you to the next level of rank.
The new president did spend most of the first year and a half, showing his face on television. It was so bad that I was afraid that I might see him grunting out a big one on the toilet, just so that he could have more face time on the T.V. He spends a lot of time talking, but he isn’t resolving, or even attempting to resolve our problems. He would repeatedly make statements indicating that Bush messed it up so badly that he couldn’t fix the problems. I never heard him say anything to indicate that he was trying to, or that he had any real ideas to fix the problems. In fact, I did hear him taking credit for the jobs that were created in the spring, that Mother Nature should have been taking credit for. He had nothing to do with it. The weather broke and the sun shone, allowing construction workers to go back to work. I sort of understand why Bush didn’t try to fix the problems toward the end of his Presidency, but part of the reason was probably to pass along a bill of goods to the next president so that Bush’s party wouldn’t look bad when the plans failed. Both parties can take credit for the failures of our country. One problem is that, the problems weren’t created during Bush’s reign, though it was his responsibility to work on the problems while he was there. The next problem is that the follow on Dude wasn’t working on the problems either. His party did so little, that they lost the House in the next election.
Back to the failure of the Unions. Many Unions got so greedy that they lost the trust of many of the people that had to buy their stuff, because it was costing more than necessary to support unconscionable benefit requests. Also, when the President was totally in charge of the entire government, he created a health care initiative that is now guaranteed to destroy one companies Union and maybe many more because the supervision of the Union didn’t want to pay the excess requirements for health care of their employees when the contract came due. The health care initiative would charge a fine for not insuring the employees, but as it turns out, the fine is less than the cost of paying those employees health care benefits. If a company wants to save money, all that they need to do is not pay for health care, and they’ve done it. I’m not supporting the management by any means, but I am one that has observed many unions taking advantage of their situation to make huge amounts more money and/or benefits, than their jobs would allow in a normal, non union business community. I used to get better non-union benefits before ‘Right-To-Work’ states and excessive union benefits destroyed what the non-union companies had. The airlines are the biggest beggars in the Union world because the pilots want more money, then the flight attendants, then the ticket agents, ramp agents, mechanics…and then it starts all over again with the pilots getting ready to go on strike again, once the airline janitors union is done re-writing their contracts. All of these strikes are only making it more expensive for the consumers to fly. Isn’t it many decades past due for the consumers to form their own union to make requests on the airlines? Why are we paying for our third-can of soda or a couple of drops of water and a crappy bag of over-spiced funky snacks, when we are paying extra for the carry-on bag that used to be free, not to mention the costs for checked baggage? Or five dollars for a buck and a half lunch? Or five dollars for a fifty cent pair of headphones so that we can watch a fiftieth run video that we can each rent for two bucks at home? Why are many of the flight attendants getting on the plane with a nasty attitude, and no longer supply a service of any kind? Why are the pilots so secure behind safety doors when the military is working on making their aircraft pilotless? Shouldn’t commercial pilots be concerned that they will be replaced by a blow-up doll soon? They use national security as their excuses, when in fact, it’s the over-inflated unions that are costing us more.
Also, what government lets the biggest airline buy the next biggest airline, so that they can create a monopoly that will force all other airlines to charge more just to stay in business. Who is running this country? We the People, or They, the Corporate Fat Cats? That’s one corporate fat cat to every million consumers. Why do we take this from our government that is obviously in bed with the fat cats? Who do they really work for? Apparently, not U.S. (us).
It is Un-Constitutional for politicians to make laws that protect themselves from us, but we let them do it every day; insider trading, fraud against the majority (we get the new health care initiative, poor healthcare, bad wages…and they get huge wage increases, permanent full wages upon retirement (for life), and permanent highest quality medical benefits for life while taking money from corporations to vote in their favor), and bribery from lobyists, when they take money under the table for securing contracts for the major corporations, with no recourse for cost-overruns, substandard products, and selling jobs to other countries at the expense of our employees. Why are we paying unemployment instead of telling corporations that they will get enormous tariffs for moving their companies outside of the United States? Jobs are important. Cell phones are not. A Government that has ALL of their computers or components manufactured in China, do not support the U.S. job market, and encourage digital terrorism from countries that want to rule the world banks, stock market, and our country.
It is obvious which president that I was talking about in the first part of this post (or you shouldn’t be voting), and I’m not in favor of the democrats, republicans, or the newly formed tea-party that are more strict than their republican counterparts (and are holding our country back as much as any party). I will try to make some time to add to this post, as the election year regresses into an insane version of ‘It’s Mine, It’s Mine’ as provided to our country from adults that have apparently never had a real job, but make more money than those who work for a living.
So, for now, I will leave it here, and wish you the best for the upcoming 2012 year, and hope that it really becomes a year of enlightenment as we cannot take any more of what the U.S. Government has in store for us.

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Husband, Father, Have Cats, Philosopher on World Issues, Future Author, Aviation Technician, Hate Snow and winters longer than three months. If you want to argue a point with me, pretend that I'm a judge in a courtroom, and you need to tell me the facts as you know and see them so you can argue in the attempt to win your case. There are no guarantees that you will win, but your chances are better if you use this method. You suck is not a valid comment!
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