Modern Cars

The U.S. Government should have told car manufacturers that they were required to add 1 MPG each year to their cars, starting in the 1970’s during our energy crisis of the time. They didn’t. I’ve heard that car manufacturers couldn’t get better gas mileage because the technology doesn’t exist (even after they shrunk the cars, made them more light weight, made them aerodynamic, and computerized them). They did add a few miles per gallon, but nothing that couldn’t have been added to cars before the shrinking process started. Now they are bragging about 40 MPG, and I say that they should be around 100 MPG, especially since the 40 MPG shows us that they have been lying about not being able to get better gas mileage as they crawl into bed with the oil companies. Electric cars…How much energy, or fuel equivalent does the charging process equal for the same amount of driving time, considering they can go 50 or 60 miles before the next charge.
Next issue, not only do we see court cases from our own communities about abductions of young women, and e-mails of weirdo’s parked next to the young women’s cars, waiting to abduct them, but now, in case the women see a suspicious van parked on their drivers side with a suspicious looking person hanging around the van, there isn’t a way to get into your car from the passenger side to keep yourself safe. The passenger locks have been removed, and now with pushbutton ignitions, the drivers side locks have also been removed. Not every situation will allow you to run back into the place that you just came from to have someone walk you out to your car, and the police may not be very likely to answer your call to check out every suspicious vehicle/person unless their community has had a recent attack.
Let’s get back to the push button cars. How lazy are we that we can’t aim the key into the igition and turn? The push button will fail before the key breaks, and the repair will cost a lot more than replacing the ignition switch. The car will sense when you are close to the car if you have your sensor in your pocket, purse…and when you touch the passenger door handle, it will unlock all of your doors, allowing the suspicious character to get into your car on the drivers side. It will unlock just the drivers door if you just touch the drivers door, and the suspicious character will have you trapped before you get in. Other issues with push button ignition, what if the puck battery is dead. How do you get in? How do you start the vehicle? What if you are stopped on the side of the road iin the middle of North Dakota, in the winter? Does the back-up system, if there is one, require a way to make it easier for criminals to hop in and steal your car? Did the car manufacturers actually think before designing a push button ignition? Next problem, according to the news, in the last year, five people have died and many more injured from autostart starting the car, and the key fob/puck is close enough to the car so that it thinks that you are wanting the car to be running, so the car continues to run until you are dead and the you have gassed yourself with carbon monoxide. Once again, were the manufacturers thinking at all? There are only a handfull of those cars on the road as far as I know. How many more deaths are needed before they figure out that they had a bad idea.
Back to the regular push button locks and no push button ignition. $200 for a replacement key? It should be mandatory that if you buy a vehicle from the dealership, there will be two keys supplied free of charge, from the dealership, even if it’s a used vehicle. Also, two keyed door locks should be mandatory, even on the push button ignition cars. Along with that thought, and the suspicious character, One door lock, and you want to get in the passenger side, you have that problem with letting the suspicious character in the drivers door again, because the push button will unlock all of the doors if you push the button twice to get into the passenger door. At least, when you have one lock, you can get in when your fob battery dies if there isn’t a suspicious character.
Other safety issues, who is allowing the blue and pink headlights, headlight and tail-light smoked covers, and license plate smokes covers? All of which restrict safety by not being standard tested equipment that’s been approved. Most of that crap is on those little toy looking cars that a three year old can almost pick up by the rear airfoil and haul away. Yes, the ones that thump down the road and are pumping out noise pollution with the subwoofers in the trunk, and the loud tailpipes. They should be more liable for insurance costs if they are involved in an accident because, the damage is worse because of the low profile tires and dropping the car below manufacturers specs. Same rules with the trucks that are jacked up for ‘muddin’ or the monster truck look. What are these vehicles doing on the road? I don’t know, they look stupid anyway.

   Safety used to be one purpose for Unions, but now money is the only focus, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone that is focusing on automotive safety until people die. Don’t get me started on crotch rockets…

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  1. Alfonso says:

    Will you write a “Part 2” ?


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