Recently I’ve heard that Muslims think that Jesus is evil…

If that is true, then giving your life for others is evil, feeding the hungry is evil, and healing the sick is evil.  If this is the definition of evil, then I want to be evil.  Otherwise, Get out of our country if you believe that Jesus is evil.

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Husband, Father, Have Cats, Philosopher on World Issues, Future Author, Aviation Technician, Hate Snow and winters longer than three months. If you want to argue a point with me, pretend that I'm a judge in a courtroom, and you need to tell me the facts as you know and see them so you can argue in the attempt to win your case. There are no guarantees that you will win, but your chances are better if you use this method. You suck is not a valid comment!
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5 Responses to Recently I’ve heard that Muslims think that Jesus is evil…

  1. Since the events of September 11, 2001 , President George W. Bush and members of the Bush administration have presented the world with an unrelenting repetition of the concept of absolutely good versus absolutely evil terrorists and evil-doers engaged in a war on freedom .


    • rossmeister says:

      The post that you are commenting on was based on an e-mail sent during Obama’s second term as King of Wasters of Tax-Payers Money. If you have a specific point, please make it, because I lost something in your message. Obama has shown the entire world that he believes that he can do no wrong while doing no right at the same time. As a matter of fact, Obama has done so little, it can be said that he has done nothing but ruin our nation. I’m not saying that Bush was the best President that we’ve ever had, but it’s tough to achieve the things that Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and the others from back in the early days of our country were able to achieve. Please give me more info to help me understand your opinion.


  2. Frances Wolf says:

    Thus, evil is more of an intellectual concept than a true reality. Since God is good, and upon creating creation he confirmed it by saying it is Good (Genesis 1:31) evil cannot have a true reality.


  3. is impossible is centrally important to Plantinga’s Free Will Defense. Atheologians, as we saw above, claim that God is doing something morally blameworthy by allowing evil and suffering to exist in our world. They charge that a good God would and should eliminate all evil and suffering. The assumption behind this charge is that, in so doing, God could leave human free will untouched. Plantinga claims that when we think through what robust free will really amounts to, we can see that atheologians are (unbeknownst to themselves) asking God to do the logically impossible. Being upset that God has not done something that is logically impossible is, according to Plantinga, misguided. He might say, “Of course he hasn’t done that. It’s logically impossible!” As we will see in section V below, Plantinga maintains that divine omnipotence involves an ability to do anything that is logically possible, but it does not include the ability to do the logically impossible.


  4. Tykarz12 says:

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