Sequestration for Washington D.C.

First of all, in a courtroom, for a jury to be sequestered means that they are kept from outside influences on making their decisions.  For our illustrious failures (politicians) in Washington D.C, it should mean that they will be kept from leaving the grounds of Congress except for medical emergencies until they resolve the mess that they have created.

Another definition from Merriam-Webster, a : a legal writ authorizing a sheriff or commissioner to take into custody the property of a defendant who is in contempt until the orders of a court are complied with

b : a deposit whereby a neutral depositary agrees to hold property in litigation and to restore it to the party to whom it is adjudged to belong

If we follow this definition, then all benefits, income, and assets, including all bribes and ‘donations’ given to politicians and their parties, plus all of their income from insider trading should be confiscated and held for an impartial jury of their peers (not politicians, judges, lawyers, or wealthy people(they would be partial jurors)–how about the working class), to release the money to the proper owners (probably the taxpayers or the national deficit in lieu of the taxpayers).

Now for the things that we should cut from our nations spending to save the taxpayers a load of money:

Michelle Obama’s trips on Air Force Two without Barrack.  It isn’t her personal taxi and no other government employee can allow their family members to take government transportation without the employee being present if family members are allowed at all.  That would save our nation millions of dollars per year.  Also, since Barrack see’s fit to go to Hawaii for millions of dollars, for a vacation, on the taxpayers dime, when our nation is farther in debt than ever before, and he travels on our dollar to be on ‘The View’, the Obama’s should be required to pay back every penny of the money spent on their excessively wasteful spending ventures.  Also, Air Force One, Air Force Two, and all of the helicopters should be grounded for the next four years, to try to prevent billions of wasted money from an employee (Barrack) who I would have fired in the first week of employment not only for not doing anything, but also for a lack of trying.  Everything that he says is a snow job, to make people believe in him.  If you can’t see this, try opening your eyes.

Next, Retire the overabundance of Generals in our country, who have done little to nothing for years except to make bad decisions (i.e. make excessive uniform changes, or insane fitness rules that don’t make sense to people with a brain), and retire them at the rate that they should have been retired at in the first place (20 years ago).  Fix the military so that your job is safe for what you know, and not who you know.  Nepotism or the practice of hiring your relatives will only be allowed to get them into the business, not for moving up or into a better position.  Stop the insanity of the government concept of spending of  ‘if you don’t waste it this year, you won’t get more next year’.  How about a plan of  ‘If you save it this year, you get the same initial fund next year, plus you get to use what you’ve saved on top of that’.

Also, stop bringing in more ‘New Americans’ until we can fix the employment problems.  We can’t expect to pay, from taxpayer pockets, for people that we can’t afford to give jobs to, because there are already millions out of work that need jobs.  Providing jobs for those who are already here is the only way to reduce the unemployment rate. Also, STOP GIVING ALL OF OUR JOBS TO COMMUNIST COUNTRIES AND OTHERS WHO ALREADY HATE THE U.S.   Social Services should be required to have a minimum of one fraud investigator for every 50 thousand people in each state.  Also, if your life ambition is to be a slug on society, you will be required to look for work before getting social services.  This does not include those who have medical conditions or the aged which prevent them from working.  If you are found to be working for pay, under the table (not paying taxes on your money), then you will be banned from applying for social services for five years the first time, and for life the second. If a New American is caught committing a crime within ten years of arriving, or they have a criminal past, they can never become a citizen and will be sent back or to another country who will have them.

Illegal Aliens should be kicked out after they are finger printed.  They must apply for U.S. citizenship from outside of the United States.  Also, if they are caught once, they must wait five years before they can apply for citizenship, caught twice, they must wait ten years before applying for citizenship.  If they are caught a third time (even in the same day), they can Never apply for citizenship in the United States.  If they are ever found guilty of committing a crime (misdemeanor or felony beyond being here illegally or standard traffic violation), they will Never be allowed to become a citizen.  An employer caught hiring illegal aliens will be fined ten percent of their annual profit and one day in jail, for each illegal alien that they hire for the first offense and multiply the fine and jail time by the number of illegal aliens hired after the first offense.  Emergency medical services only.  If they have a child born here, they can either take the child with them on their way out of the country, or they can leave the child here while they leave the country.  I hate to do this to those kids, but the illegal parents are creating a need to follow a set of laws instead of being given the panty waste treatment of the United States.

This is just the beginning, but it will save us a fortune, and could dig us out of debt, which is more than I can say for Congress and El Presidente.

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Husband, Father, Have Cats, Philosopher on World Issues, Future Author, Aviation Technician, Hate Snow and winters longer than three months. If you want to argue a point with me, pretend that I'm a judge in a courtroom, and you need to tell me the facts as you know and see them so you can argue in the attempt to win your case. There are no guarantees that you will win, but your chances are better if you use this method. You suck is not a valid comment!
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4 Responses to Sequestration for Washington D.C.

  1. Thanh Clarke says:

    “Effective immediately, young people who were brought to the US through no fault of their own as children and who meet certain criteria will be eligible to receive deferred action for a period of 2 years and that period will be subject to renewal,” she said.


    • rossmeister says:

      Who is ‘she’. You don’t need to go that far in your claim because if a child is born here from illegal aliens or any other group, they are U.S. citizens. Their parents should be exported regardless of whether they bring the children with them or not. They know what they did wrong by the way that they entered our nation. Mandatory jail time for employers of illegals would slow the problems though it wouldn’t stop the problem completely. We shouldn’t be bringing in any foreigners at this time in our history because we have too many citizens that should be working that are out of work because of the sale of our nation.


  2. Ola Dickson says:

    Wow, so much right-wing hatred here. To those of you who are worried that people older will apply, you haven’t read very carefully. They have to show that they graduated or are in school or served in the military, all which would have established their age. It is almost comical that the right-wing talking point on this is jobs, that these illegals, brought here as children, are now taking away jobs from Americans. But in my nearest city, every time I drive past the illegals lined up waiting for work, I see construction company trucks or very expenseive cars stopping as their drivers look for cheap day laborers. The only relative of mine who has hired illegals is a staunch Republican. Romney himself hired a lawn service that was using illegals. So many corporate businesses have been caught using illegals. It obviously didn’t bother them that they weren’t hiring Americans because they were increasing their profits. Every time legislation has come up to increase the fines for folks who hire illegals, it was shot down by Republicans. The Republicans seem to like talking about the ‘evils of illegals’ but won’t actually do much about it, as evidenced by Bush’s 8 years, as many businesses and thus donors, profit unfairly from cheap illegal labor.


    • rossmeister says:

      You have not read closely enough. I do not register under any party,, nor do I vow to follow any party as they are all as crooked as a summers day in Alaska is long. They are tearing our country apart with only themselves to blame and only the people other than themselves to destroy. Right-Wing/Left-Wing is an incompetent form of arguing the case for the failures in Washington D.C. Those labeled as politicians by the voters are more often than not, the cause of the majority of our failures as a nation. Obama is the King of them all during this Presidency, and others in the past have been the failures during their Presidency depending on your perspective. Obama vacations at millions of dollars per trip when our nation is as broke as we have ever been in our nations history, and his wife hops on Air Force Two and spends millions more by taking a different trip without her money wasting husband. No other government employee can give their spouse the keys to a state car without the employee being in the car with them if the state even allows that to occur. Air Force Two is for the use of the Vice President, and it becomes Air Force One when it is needed by the President for whatever reason that Air Force One is unavailable. At no time does either aircraft become First Lady One or Two, and there is embezzlement taking place as Michelle uses Tax Payer aircraft to do her bidding (especially when flying to Paris with their daughters, and other wasteful trips). It’s time to take wasted money out of Barracks pocket. He acts as if our country doesn’t have any debt and isn’t being purchased by other countries for the creation of excessive power and conflicts of interest by Obama and Congress. It’s time to stop D.C. in their tracks and take back our country!


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