Lanscaping Rock

Reasons why I don’t like landscaping rock:

1. If you have too much rock, or it’s too deep around window wells, it allows water to drain directly into the window wells from watering plants and bushes that are too close to the window well or from rain.  It sounds like a waterfall in our egress window wells, and we have window well covers to keep the rain out.  It also allows water to stand closer to your foundation and will keep your sump-pump running all year long, as it adds drainage down along the foundation of your house.

2. If you have a dry year where the ground pulls away from the foundation, the rock can fall down between the ground and the basement wall, and can crack the wall (also, do not put fill dirt in the space between the basement wall and the surrounding soil, even if you don’t have landscaping rock, because the rock and soil can crack your basement wall when it has the opportunity to  absorb water from the rain or sprinkler and expands to it’s normal density, and once cracked, your basement wall may leak).

3. You or your wife may decide that the rock needs to be cleaned at some point, and it needs to be removed to do the job properly.  That’s a lot of tons of rock, if you have enough to landscape correctly.  After cleaning and becoming thoroughly frustrated with the rock in the first place, you will need to put it back.

4. The rock will absorb and hold heat on a hot summer day, and can cook your plants.  Add a little butter and you won’t have to butter the vegetables before eating them.

5. Adding plants to your landscape project, or removing plants and bushes that you no longer want, is very time consuming in trying to dig down to find the soil, especially if you have a thick layer of rock (which is needed to give the proper look.

6. If you don’t have a proper border the holds the rock in, it will migrate throughout your yard.  Your lawnmower may become the launcher of rock projectiles.  I had a yard with apples, pine-cones and rocks that would fling out from under the mower every time that I mowed.  The apple sauce was good for the grass though.

7. If you have a tendency to have vandals in your neighborhood, you may have a tendency to have broken windows or other damage.  Move toward wood chips instead.  Wood chips will also help to hold moisture near your plants instead of allowing it to drain off.

Any other reasons against landscaping rock, let me know so that I can add it to the list.

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