Saving the United States from Washington D.C. in 2014 and Beyond

If you want to break the insane cycle that our government has created, Every state must require a vote on the ballot to Only allow their politicians to follow the retirement system that the lowest paid full time state employee from their state, must follow (i.e. North Dakota has a rule of 85), and the benefits shall not exceed that of the lowest paid employee.  Wages must only be allowed to be increased for the next politician who will win the vote, or two years from the approved increase (whichever is later) for their position, or it must be approved by the voters.  During their stay in office, no Congressperson can spend more than their wages from the political office for personal expenses.  No Congressperson shall accept a job from any of the companies who have donated to them or their party for ten years after leaving office.  No Congressperson shall accept any donation that doesn’t apply directly to their campaign and cannot accept a donation from any corporation or business (this will even the playing field for those who cannot afford to donate much).  Our Constitution says ‘We the People…’  not, We the Corporations.

The Supreme Court and all federal judges should have stated, a long time ago, that no politician can create law to protect themselves against the laws required by the citizens of this country.  This includes Insider trading. Regardless of who donates to their campaign or to the party, bribery charges will ensue if the Congresspersons and their party are found to accept donations that benefit themselves in any manner beyond being used for campaign funding, or to vote based on donations made to themselves or their party.  Donations shall go through the party and shall not be made known to the Congressperson.  No broken laws shall be considered to be the responsibility of the taxpayer for the reason that they were on duty during to committing of the crime.  The taxpayers didn’t tell them to break the law, and therefore shall not be responsible for irresponsible behavior.

Supreme Court Justice nominees who are found to create their own laws or to follow the laws of other countries (i.e. Supreme Failure Sotomayor) through the verification process, should lose the nomination, their previous position, the ability to ever be a judge again, and shall create an investigation to determine the extent of their failure to follow the requirements as a judge on any level within the United States, or any level of court system, and to correct the cases that were illegally decided on, and to include heavy fines to the judge that equal, or exceed, the damage to the defendants or those found guilty against the laws of the United States without their being able to send the bill back to the taxpayer.  It’s years past due for someone with any amount of power, to have the guts to file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court, and to take the Supreme Court judges to court if they circumvent the wishes of the people, for them to do the job that they agreed to.  Supreme Court Judges need a means to be fired from their seat if they are found to fail the United States legal system.

There shall be no grandfathering of any politically created laws or rules that protect politicians from this nation except upon the death of the politician.

No President shall be allowed to campaign for any party at any time, as their job is to represent the citizens of this nation, not their party.  The States should also adopt a similar policy for all of their state and federal politicians.

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