Laminate Flooring

The things that I hate about laminate flooring:
1. Sit still too long without shoes and socks on and your feet will get cold. Carpet keeps the floor warmer than laminate. Wood insulates to an extent, Laminate is like a wood substitute and is cut to fit with an industrial strength paper cutter.
2. It requires constant cleaning, especially in the winter, if you don’t want marks on the floor. Carpet hides dirt better than laminate and doesn’t require the level of cleaning that the laminate needs.
3. The floor itself is loud to walk on, walking on carpet is like a cat walking on a hard floor.
4. Laminate flooring doesn’t absorb sound and creates an echo throughout the house. The volume on the television may need to be turned down since the echo makes it seem louder.
5. The furniture needs additional grip so that it doesn’t slide every time that you touch it. Dining room chairs and other furniture, needs something to help it slide so as not to gouge the floor.
6. Why get rid of the carpet if you will cover 50% or more of the laminate with rugs.
7. Pets that are running around will go sliding across the floor and make all kinds of racket throughout the night. It sounds like the house is falling down. Besides, the pets grouching at each other echo’s like the Grand Canyon.

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