Legalizing Marijuana…

First of all, it’s still illegal on a federal level, making any governor of a state supposedly legalizing it, a Drug Lord and they should be treated as such.
Second, no government employee should be allowed to smoke, eat…marijuana without a doctor’s note as long as they work in any government capacity.
Third, no job that has any self-respect will allow their employees to use marijuana. Any job that does a drug test now, will not allow their employees to use marijuana. Marijuana can be detected in the body weeks, or longer after use. If safety or security is a factor in your job, or related to your job, you won’t be allowed to use marijuana (aircraft maintenance, pilot, military, police, doctor/nurse…).  Like poppy-seed muffins or other edibles from poppy seeds, I will not jeopardize my employment by venturing into the realm of marijuana just for a quick high or for any other reason.
Fourth, when my first wife had cancer, the doctor said that there are many other options to try before resorting to marijuana.
In conclusion, if you want a good job, don’t do poppy seeds or marijuana.  Life can get better, even without the help of a professional.

About rossmeister

Husband, Father, Have Cats, Philosopher on World Issues, Future Author, Aviation Technician, Hate Snow and winters longer than three months. If you want to argue a point with me, pretend that I'm a judge in a courtroom, and you need to tell me the facts as you know and see them so you can argue in the attempt to win your case. There are no guarantees that you will win, but your chances are better if you use this method. You suck is not a valid comment!
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