North Dakota Ballot Measures Nov 2014

Measure No.1 is about the right to life, but it is not only too vague, it doesn’t allow room for the obvious. Though the Catholic Church looks at it as a definitive ‘No Abortion’ measure, this could have dire effects to the elderly and those seriously injured in some way. Will this allow hospitals (especially those ‘For Profit’ hospitals ) to keep your shell alive on machines indefinitely, just because they can’t prove that your soul has ‘left the building’? Will you be required or forced to take medications that you no longer want because they don’t stop the suffering? Will a hospital be required to avoid giving an abortion if there is a chance of saving the mother? I’m not for abortion, and I don’t think that there are very many that would save the mothers life, but I believe there are a few of those cases. The jury is still out on some aspects of it, but for now, I must be for the child in most cases.

Measure No. 2 This measure appears to be for the elimination of taxes on mortgages and sales or transfers of real property within the state of North Dakota.  A couple of problems that I see include the word ‘May’ is used in this measure.  The word ‘Shall’ is the most strict measure of law, meaning that the State will follow this and there is nothing that can be done beyond this rule.  The word ‘May’ indicates that they can follow this but they don’t need to.  They can change this as they see fit.  Second problem with this, they don’t tell us where they will take the taxes from.  Will it be sales tax, corporate tax, a new type of tax, etc?  When they say Mortgage tax, do they mean the same as Property tax, or will the property tax go through the roof because of a lack of Mortgage tax.  It doesn’t spell it out.  With the word ‘May’, they can pick and choose who will pay the tax (Example: My rich friend doesn’t need to pay this, but this working class dog on the opposite side of the street will).   We don’t know the intent of the measure, and leaving the ‘may’ open, there is no limitation as to what the state or other taxing entity will do.

Measure No. 3 Most, if not all, wars since the Vietnam War should tell us that giving the government power over anything, is a bad idea. Education has government rules that eight board members need to follow in deciding how to educate. The government wants to give the power of our children’s education to people in the state government that have their own work to do. The Board is focused on Education, the new government commission will more than likely, be focused on the government, or (Heaven Forbid), Sports Worship. The new fangled teaching methods that are imposed by our government every so many years, help kids to fall behind because, they need to play catch-up when the new method is found to be faulty and can’t be directly applied to the old methods for learning. An example is the previous Base 12 math system. I never had to try it, but my sister did, and then it was gone. How long did it take those kids to catch up to the rest of the students that didn’t have to deal with that? If you were bad at math before, are those kids any better?

Measure No. 4 sounds good on the front end because, items with a significant fiscal impact (money) would need to be brought to the voters on a general election ballot. On the back end, it ‘prohibits the approval for circulation of any petition to initiate a constitutional amendment that would make a direct appropriation of public funds for a specific purpose…’. First of all, I would like to know what that means. Next, it sounds like a means to take the power to petition, away from the people. I think that whoever put this one on the ballot is pulling a fast one on the people of North Dakota by offering something good while following it up with something bad.

Measure No. 5  As with Measure No. 2, this will be an addition to Article X of the Constitution of North Dakota.  We have ‘The Trust’ and ‘The Fund’  both listed in this measure.  ‘The Fund’ will be financed by five percent of the revenues from the State’s share of oil extraction taxes (or are both ‘The Trust’ and ‘The Fund’ coming out of the 5%?).  Where is the other 95% going now?  Are we covering insurance that the oil companies should be covering themselves, or does this money go into the twilight zone?  Ten percent of that amount (the 5%) will be invested, The earnings from ‘The Trust’ would be transferred to ‘The Fund’ to be spent on programs after January 1, 2019 (doesn’t specify the programs it will be used on).  90% of the annual revenues will be transferred into ‘The Fund’ to make grants that are stated in the Measure (annual revenues of ‘The Trust’? It doesn’t specify.  In politics, nothing is a given).  The grants sound like a good idea to me and they (the grants) will be monitored by a thirteen-member Citizen Accountability Board.  Where do ‘The Trust’ revenues come from since they will go into ‘The Fund’ and not out of ‘The Fund’?  This point is not stated.  Since this isn’t governed by a Section of Article X yet, there isn’t any further guidance on the revenue of ‘The Trust’.   Oil Extraction Taxes>5% to ‘The Trust’ and ‘The Fund’ total> 10% of the 5% will be invested>90% of the revenues transferred to ‘The Fund’ from ‘The Trust’ and will be used for grants but nothing is specified as to how the earnings from ‘The Fund’ are to be used.  Are there two entities that split the 5% and one is paying the other?  What is the purpose of the one, other than to pay into the other?  Other than the grants, where are the funds from the other used?  Odd situation.

Measure No. 6  Since when does our government care if you are a fit parent or not, and why would you give equal power to a parent without checking to see if they have had previous issues that caused them to be separated or divorced. You don’t want to presume that a parent that beats their kids is a fit parent until after the kids end up in the hospital, or worse. Who is pushing this one, and why do they need this to be pass? On the other hand, the courts need to be fair and remove parents, who are falsely accused of child abuse with no evidence found by the courts,  from the list of predators/offenders.

Measure No. 7  Why would you want an unlicensed Pharmacist to operate your pharmacy? This is primarily for the purpose of allowing corporate pharmacies to take over in the Walmart’s, Target’s, or other stores that are willing to put the local pharmacists out of business with the image of cheaper pharmaceuticals (for now). As they eliminate the competition, the prices will go up, possibly far above what you were paying. Also, when is the last time that corporate America has actually helped you? Cheaper quality of clothes, electronics, cars that will monitor you and turn themselves off because of a bad sensor that was probably made in another country…We don’t need Corporate Pharmacies that CEO’s will decide what medications you need, instead of someone that knows the medications, and hopefully, YOU.

Measure No. 8  When should school start, before or after Labor Day? This one is the only straight forward measure on this ballot. I vote for ‘after’ because North Dakota has so few really nice days each year, how can we take a few nice days at the end of the summer and give that to the schools. The teachers would appreciate the nice days also. This year-round-school thing that they are working on, is a joke. I knew one co-worker that had four girls in school, and NONE of their breaks really lined up the same. Vacations were arranged so that anywhere from one to three had to be taken out of school at any time of the year. There were no other options.

Addition to the post:  As I listen to the ads that are trying to sway my opinion, I fail to hear what the measures really say. Why isn’t there someone in charge, that is required to re-write the measures so that they state exactly what the intent of the measure is.  If there was an adult in charge of this, we wouldn’t have to go to court to uphold the law, or find out that it was designed to be fraudulent.  Why do we vote for issues that are almost always lacking the full truth behind the measure?  I feel fortunate that, this is one of the few ballots that doesn’t have a bunch of ‘No, I Do want this, or Yes, I Don’t want that’ type of wording on the ballot.  Another thing, I appreciate a small portion of the information that tells us things that are wrong with a candidate but at the same time, the things that you hear that are good about the candidates, are so vague that you still don’t know what they stand for.  How about a list of the things that will be on their docket, and how they feel about those issues, and why?  Right now, hateful ads and fence riding are all that I have to go on.  Where can we find the truth?  The internet is a total failure since everything is party or money related.

Keep checking back as I will probably start working on a list of the issues that I feel are more important for 2016, and why I feel that they are important.  As always, you never have to believe the way that I do, but without a good argument, you have no reason to tell me how stupid I am.  (And I get those responses).

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