The German people were willingly oblivious to the things the Nazi’s were doing…

The citizens of the United States are willingly oblivious to the things the U.S. Government are doing, and what the citizens are doing themselves. Every purchase made by U.S. citizens, of items made in Communist Countries, helps to pay for their nuclear weapons programs, and their military buildup against the free-world. Even most of the items sold on military bases are made in Communist Countries, including rank, ribbons, badges, uniforms, etc.

When Congress allows the President and the Supreme Court, to make law without their approval, or ours, or they declare that our votes are unconstitutional, they are helping to eliminate the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. Once those documents are destroyed, so will be the United States as a free nation. Many other free nations rely on the United States to support and defend them, and when the United States can no longer defend itself, the smaller free nations will not be able to defend themselves, and there won’t be backup support for the other free nations, and the free world, computers, cell phones, cable television, your overpriced over computerized cars, and a whole other host of things to make your life easier, will vanish from your lives, while whatever is left of the rich people and the vanishing middle class, will be gone.  You too will be working at the job that you’ve worked so hard for, for many years, on minimum wage.  When the slugs that will never make more than minimum wage talk Congress into increasing minimum wage to $15 per hour, inflation will increase like you will never believe, and if you worked your way up from minimum wage to $15 per hour, you will be lucky to make $1 over minimum wage.

Don’t be oblivious to the things that our government are doing to us, or you will be caught with nothing, and no way to defend yourself in the future.

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Husband, Father, Have Cats, Philosopher on World Issues, Future Author, Aviation Technician, Hate Snow and winters longer than three months. If you want to argue a point with me, pretend that I'm a judge in a courtroom, and you need to tell me the facts as you know and see them so you can argue in the attempt to win your case. There are no guarantees that you will win, but your chances are better if you use this method. You suck is not a valid comment!
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