Job Seekers and the Employer

Based on the Article from J.T. O’Donnell J.T. O’Donnell is a LinkedIn Influencer
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Recruiters need to seriously consider how they are rejecting candidates this year. It could be damaging your employment brand…

My Thoughts: If you only drop off an app, and don’t get an interview, you maybe don’t need to be notified, but if you’ve had an interview, it shows bad taste on the employers part not to notify you of your status, whether you remain under consideration after a month, or if you were not selected for the current position, but will remain on their radar, or if they didn’t think that you would be a good fit whatsoever.
Also, there should be employer protections from a bad employee for giving an honest reference of their work. Why do you think that the work ethic has gone down the toilet? If I’m running a business, I want good people to start with. Good employers and good wages are also built from responsible employees. If employers can only trust that the employees will be there for them on payday, the employee gains no value in the eyes of the employer, and the employer has no recourse against a bad employee without reams of documentation. This leads to the employer not caring for the employee, the employee under-performs and the viscous cycle begins. Wages go lower for the same work, higher education levels are expected for the lower positions with the same crappy wages. We are feeding the poverty monster by creating employers that don’t care and employees that aren’t going to work hard because the phone is more important, or they are just plain lazy because the next employer can’t hear about bad performance. (Big part of the Corporate World also).

Now I’m looking for work again, and a smooth talker with a texting fetish is more likely to get the next job than I am.

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