Who Am I?

Who am I?

This blog post is for the purpose of answering other people’s questions about me and who they should strive to be in their own lives instead of pretending to be someone that they are not.

I don’t have a mullet, pony tail, a mun, or any other odd hairdo.   I don’t have stupid crap carved into my hair to support anything (though I support different hair styles or going bald to support those with cancer or other health issues). I don’t have the beard of a sultan or a lumberjack.  I don’t have Javaman ears using gages to give me enormous holes in my head or any other piercings on my body.  I don’t have tattoos, I reserve the right to hold off on tattoos until I need permanent dots for radiation treatments for some form of cancer, and I don’t want to look like a drug dealer with tattoos crawling out of the collar of my shirt, or like an addict with my arms completely covered with them.  I don’t wear a boom microphone or any other Blue Tooth device mounted on my head to show my self importance.

I don’t carry a murse or wear a bro (or manzier as the Seinfeld show debated the two terms).

I don’t wear ear buds while I’m driving since headphones are illegal to drive with, without a medical need.  I use the turning signals on any car that I drive (appropriately:  turning corners or changing lanes) at least 99.999% of the time, if not more.  I don’t have smoked lens covers on any of the safety devices on my vehicle or any vehicle that I drive, which is also a sign of self importance.  None of these traffic safety items are used for the purpose of avoiding the police because they like to inconvenience me, these rules are followed to protect you, and to protect me from you.

I don’t smoke because I don’t do unhealthy things to impress anyone and I don’t do electronic cigarettes which also appears to be a sign of self importance.

I have a flip phone and I’ve decided to block texting, and it doesn’t have Internet.  I don’t have a smart phone because I don’t want to be addicted to a phone (if that’s what you can call them, since most people won’t actually talk on them anymore).  I don’t need to be permanently connected to a world that allows me to be connected to everyone except those standing in the same room that I may be in at any given time.

I’m not gay or bi for a few primary reasons…have you seen a woman?; if it becomes normal, than the opposite sex will only be for depositing cells in a Petrie dish in a lab, to create more gay people; gay men do to other men that which most women do not want a man to do to them, and lesbians do to each other, things that women want men to do to them except they use accessories.

Digital television is a fraud committed against the people of the U.S.  by the government making it mandatory for all television to be transmitted in a digital signal.  The government gave out discount cards at the beginning of this program and the discount was purchased by the government with money borrowed from China.  The digital converter boxes are still made in China, the digital TV’s are made in China, so are the DVR’s, DVD players, game consoles, modems, digital antenna’s, and all of the rest of your digital everything’s.  As consumers, part of your purchases go toward building the Chinese nuclear weapons program, and the rest go to the rich people who run the corporations that have your purchases made in China.  If you go to military base/post/naval exchanges, most everything that they sell are made in Chinese and other communist countries.  Our government has figured out how to support Communism by having the United States consumers spend all of their money on communist products.  You complain about the government turning into a socialist/communist government, but with every purchase, you support socialism/communism yourself.  I check labels, and leave things on the shelf that I don’t need, that support our political enemies.

I don’t follow political parties of any sort and when I try to figure out the party that I would belong to, I find that I’m what is called, a centrist.  I’m at the converging center of all political parties since I believe in the best parts of every party, and leave the extremes alone.

I don’t eat spicy food because I want to taste the food, not feel the food.  I don’t eat weird flavored potato chip or other odd foods simply to show that I am willing to do that, though I will try things that I may not like.

I don’t watch sports on television, at all, and don’t care to see most sports in person (especially pro sports or college sports) because they are overpriced for what they are worth.  My philosophy: without cheerleaders, there wouldn’t be a need for sports.

After reading this short list of things about me, can you answer the question, Who am I?…One hint, I’m not trying to be you, or someone famous for good or bad reasons.  I don’t do things to imitate anyone under the guise of being an individual.  When you do the same things as a large group who say that they are individuals, you are not an individual.  You have become a clone of that group.


The final answer to Who am I? is…I am ME!

Welcome to the real world!  Not the one the you live in.

About rossmeister

Husband, Father, Have Cats, Philosopher on World Issues, Future Author, Aviation Technician, Hate Snow and winters longer than three months. If you want to argue a point with me, pretend that I'm a judge in a courtroom, and you need to tell me the facts as you know and see them so you can argue in the attempt to win your case. There are no guarantees that you will win, but your chances are better if you use this method. You suck is not a valid comment!
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