Separation of Church and State

The U.S. Government seems to think that eliminating church from government grounds is separating Church and State. They are seriously mistaken. If the Ten Commandments is on government grounds, they have no legal right to have it removed. That would cause infringement of government on religion. If they had the Ten Commandments removed from government grounds, they are required to have them put back. The only way that the government is allowed to remove that from government grounds is if they can show that the ruling to put the Ten Commandments on government grounds in the first place, was infringing on Separation of Church and State.
Further, the government, the courts, nor anyone else, can tell a student, teacher, government employee, voter, child, or anyone in this country, that they can’t include a prayer in their commencement speech or any other speech or conversation on any U.S. soil (including government grounds) as they will be infringing on your rights to religious freedom. Also, they can allow a moment of silence before meals, as long as they don’t specify which religion it is for, for people to say a prayer, before the meal (aloud or silently), as they did when I went to Air Force Basic Training.
Last but not least, the government (Obama specifically) cannot allow a religion of their choice, to do something on Government Property without allowing All religions to do the same.

More to come…

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My response to another blogs post on reviewing applications to Yale.

I would never hope to get into Harvard or Yale because I see those students jumping to the top of their respective fields without ever experiencing the hard work that it takes as you try to work your way up the food chain instead of having someone giving it to you without the experience.  Those who start at the top and DO NOT understand what it is like to work their way up, or get stuck in a stagnant job because of the snob mentality at the top, create rules that they learned in a book, or a the top of a corporate ladder, and more often than not, hold back the company if they don’t cause complete failure.  Those who don’t move up through the knowledge of the company can get complacent more easily because they are held back for reasons such as ‘we can leave them in their position because they are good at it, and we need someone in that position who knows what they are doing’.  Yes, they DO know what they are doing, and without those people, the company would, and often does fail as they no longer see reasonable pay increases, declining benefits, and zero upward mobility, and eventually, getting laid off before they can achieve a reasonable retirement after putting heart and soul into the company for many years.  The top of the corporate chain looks at everyone but themselves as expendable until one corporation buys other companies and corporations, and kicks out all of the top level with less than they feel that they were worth (even though they may not have had any value toward the company in the first place).

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The German people were willingly oblivious to the things the Nazi’s were doing…

The citizens of the United States are willingly oblivious to the things the U.S. Government are doing, and what the citizens are doing themselves. Every purchase made by U.S. citizens, of items made in Communist Countries, helps to pay for their nuclear weapons programs, and their military buildup against the free-world. Even most of the items sold on military bases are made in Communist Countries, including rank, ribbons, badges, uniforms, etc.

When Congress allows the President and the Supreme Court, to make law without their approval, or ours, or they declare that our votes are unconstitutional, they are helping to eliminate the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. Once those documents are destroyed, so will be the United States as a free nation. Many other free nations rely on the United States to support and defend them, and when the United States can no longer defend itself, the smaller free nations will not be able to defend themselves, and there won’t be backup support for the other free nations, and the free world, computers, cell phones, cable television, your overpriced over computerized cars, and a whole other host of things to make your life easier, will vanish from your lives, while whatever is left of the rich people and the vanishing middle class, will be gone.  You too will be working at the job that you’ve worked so hard for, for many years, on minimum wage.  When the slugs that will never make more than minimum wage talk Congress into increasing minimum wage to $15 per hour, inflation will increase like you will never believe, and if you worked your way up from minimum wage to $15 per hour, you will be lucky to make $1 over minimum wage.

Don’t be oblivious to the things that our government are doing to us, or you will be caught with nothing, and no way to defend yourself in the future.

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Why Judges aren’t supposed to make law, only interpret the law and Constitution……

Why Judges aren’t supposed to make law, only interpret the law and Constitution, and make rulings based on that which is written:

If judges could make law, they could give the death penalty to someone who stole a loaf of bread, they could let mass murderers and child molesters go without punishment, they could legally show favoritism to relatives and friends (more then they do), and they could change any law to do whatever they felt like. Instead, in the United States, they can’t make the laws. That is the job of people that we vote for that are known as Lawmakers who work in Congress and as President. Just because they don’t do a good job or (as the case is currently), no job at all, the Supreme Court cannot step in and take over that job. The Supreme Court should be watching so that state and federal governments don’t step outside of the Constitution, as they have been. Congress should be watching so that the Supreme Court doesn’t step outside of the Constitution in their job! If you want the things done that the Supreme Court has illegally done lately, Call, write, or e-mail your Congresspersons. That is the correct path to get things done. The Supreme Court needs to be investigated and their jobs taken away from them when they don’t follow the Constitution.

Let’s fix our country before the government completely eliminates the rights that we have left!!!

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Who is responsible to make sure that the U.S. Supreme Court follows the Constitution?

They have been very busy Making laws when the Constitution makes no mention of their ability to make law, only to interpret the law. They need to be taken to court for the excessive failures in their abilities to do their jobs according to the Constitution!!! When the Supreme Court is allowed to make the law, we will no longer need Congress or a President. That will eventually eliminate the need for State, County and other parts of the government also.

The Supreme Court should be our nations leader shortly, and with no term limits, they will be more of a Board of Directors than a court.  Hail Corporate America 😦  Goodbye Freedom :((


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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 570 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Don’t Blog on an iPad…

Even after reviewing a new post, once you’ve sent it, it gets screwed up.  I end up fixing every post that I send from the iPad.  This practice needs to stop, to avoid additional work.

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